Quick guides to get most out of your Blackstar System


Need some help?  Confused?  We just may have the guide for you below.  If you can’t find your answer, please call us at 1-888-310-8433 or email service@blackstarhd.com



Accessing Cameras Remotely

Need to access your cameras while your away from the server, or out of the building?  Follow these simple instructions.

Optimize Archive Recording

Get the most out of your archive by not wasting valuable recording space.  Learn how now.


Add / Modify Users

Learn to add and remove users, as well as what permissions to allow or deny.


How to use archive

Confused on how to use archive?  Follow this basic guide and become fluent at finding what your looking for.

Exporting Archive

Learn to save an incident as evidence for later viewing.

backing up archive

Learn to backup portions of archive on select cameras for later investigation.