about us


With over thirty years of experience, technicians at Blackstar Security have provided a wide range of clients such as: Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Education, Financial Institutions, Large Corporations, Small Businesses, and Residential Applications, with cutting edge video surveillance and physical access control systems.  While specializing in high-definition / IP technology, our team of engineers have designed some of the most cost effective, cutting-edge video surveillance systems. 

Blackstar Security will design, install, and maintain for your company the most cost effective, performance driven surveillance and physical access control system available. We are prepared to meet your business objective, and expectations.

Blackstar Security is committed to providing the highest quality of professional service and products our industry has to offer.

Our surveillance & access control system experts will help you design and implement your entire system for any scale or application, and our commitment to your satisfaction will ensure you have the best experience from the initial consultation through your final walk through and training!

Blackstar Security provides only the highest level security cameras and access control security systems. The quality of products we carry can NOT be found in electronic stores or many of the online venues.

We provide “Professional Grade” products which are the highest quality available and it is these types of security cameras and access control systems that are specifically designed for long term use and top tier protection. Contact Us today to start cutting your losses and revive your peace of mind!!!

We firmly believe that we provide our customers with the most advanced surveillance products on the market today.  Our Blackstar software is both technically advanced and still user friendly

We are competitively priced.

Blackstar software is continually adapting to the growing demands of the industry.  

Blackstar software will allow live remote viewing of your surveillance system via your Android, Apple, or Windows device.


Corporate Information

Blackstar security headquarters is located in the East Bay of San Francisco, California.  Contact us for general information about our company.  We welcome all press or media inquiries.

Blackstar Security LLC,. Headquarters
1245 Boulevard Way
Walnut Creek, CA 94595

East Coast Regional Offices

Blackstar East Coast Regional Offices are located in Fairfax, Virginia.  Contact us for general information about our company.  We welcome all press or media inquiries.

Blackstar Security LLC,. East Coast Regional Office
3060 Williams Dr Suite 315
Fairfax, VA 22031


For Press/Media inquiries, please email us at press@blackstarhd.com